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Dear friends, followers and visitor of our website, Gassho!


Shorinji Kempo teaching promotes obtaining of inner core, courage, belief in yourself and growth of compassion and love based on learn of East philosophy and practice of martial arts. Thanks to this in the future, everyone can become a socially-demanded person and take his rightful place in society. It is especially important to start the growth of personality from an early age. This give opportunity every child to have dreams and hopes for a happy future and energy for achieving it.

The activity of our fund is aimed at the comprehensive development of Shorinji Kempo in Poland, which is based on the principles of peace, wisdom of harmonious coexistence, non-violent conflict resolution, compassion for all forms of life and respect for the environment, which are extremely important for the modern world.


The fund is necessary for:


  • renting or purchasing a Shorinji Kempo training room;
  • equipment and purchase of necessary special equipment for the training process;
  • provision of trips to Japan by the instructors of Shorinji Kempo for an internship;
  • the invitation of instructors from Japan;
  • publication of teaching books and internal philosophy literature on Polish;
  • support the work of the Polish site Shorinji Kempo;
  • implementation of promotional activities to promote the goals and principles of the Shorinji Kempo;
  • providing material assistance to the most prepared members of our organization (among children), directing them to competitions and internships in the countries of the European Union;
  • participation in charitable projects that have a social and educational orientation.


There are many projects, aviable human resources, goals are bright...


We will be grateful to everyone who shares the position of the Shorinji Kempo, who are close to its goals and ideals, who can and wants to provide material, legal or any other assistance. 


On your proposals, please, send by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank requisites of the Polish Shorinji Kempo Organization (purpose of the payment is "Donation")



With gratitude,

Staff of Polish Shorinji Kempo Organization


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